What is life?

Every once in a while we will ask ourselves what life is. Is it a gift, is it just things that aren’t dead, is it a journey like our ancestors believed, is it a miracle.

Well this is what I think of it:

I believe it’s a chance. A chance to be whoever we want to be, to show who we are and what we can do.

I believe that life is whatever we and the people around us make of it.

So, nows your chance. Don’t be a catapillar be a butterfly, spread your wings. Because you will fly so high that the clouds will be below your feet and, you will be; beautifull and extroadinary!

This is a prize anyone ย can earn by simply trying, trying your hardest and never doubting yourself for it.

You can’t imagine how far just a bit of effort will get you!

Be happy. Be wonderfull.

Be extroadinary!


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